Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A well-balanced meal

It was the thought of enjoying a small pot of orange jelly this lunchtime that kept me going through a relentlessly dull morning.  Then I discovered that an over-zealous co-worker had put all the teaspoons in the dishwasher.  Now, I know of some colleagues who rashly open the machine when it's going to extract what they need, but I am not of that number.  Not being one to relish scalding hot water all over my feet, I was left with few alternatives.

Going without the jelly never crossed my mind, and I've been brought up not to put knives in my mouth, so that only left the tea bag squeezer or a fork.  The tea bag squeezer had holes in it, and even I know that squeezing jelly is probably best avoided in the workplace.  Forks, however, are of a generally similar disposition to spoons, being curved; I decided to try one.

The first forkful was fine, but then the jelly started breaking up and slipping through the prongs.  A bit plopped out onto the book I was reading, so I just slurped that up, grateful that I was alone in the staff room.  Inspired, I tried slurping the rest of the jelly direct from the pot, but it was a bit less fluid further down, so that was no good.  I turned the fork round and, holding the now sticky prong end, scooped with the handle.  That was fine, but frustrating as I could only pick up a tiny amount at a time.  By this time though, I'd nearly reached the bottom of the pot where it was rather more solid.  One final go with the prong end and a bit more slurping and I was done.   It was only a small jelly, and I probably used more than the one calorie it contained in my efforts to consume it.

On reflection, I could have attempted making a spoon from the silver foil I'd wrapped my piece of cheese in... and only now, some four hours later, do I realize that I should have covered the prong end of the fork with the foil!