Sunday, 28 April 2013

Butter, brandy and summer gloves

"...I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves...and say we've no money for butter..." (Jenny Joseph)
I got a pension forecast this week. I don't think £58 a year would buy very much of anything now, never mind by the time I'll qualify to receive it.

 Thankfully, I already have some brandy, but not much.

I don't have a proper brandy glass though.

Perhaps that's why there's so little brandy left.

Regular readers will know that I also like gloves.  I have several pairs.  These are for gardening, although only the black thermal ones are really any good.

 These are for various other occasions.  I wear the two stripy pairs with no ends to the fingers when I'm typing in the cold end of the office. Not both pairs at once, obviously. It's not that cold. Usually. I have no idea why I only have one bright blue glove, but I'm sure its partner will turn up eventually.

But summer gloves? Oooh, I wonder if these would do?
They would go beautifully with the purple dress mentioned in my previous post.

I suppose £58 a year might keep me in butter, figuratively speaking. I don't buy it very often, and then I tend to forget that I've got it. I found some in the back of the fridge last week, and it smelt alright, but it said on the lid that I should have used it by last July. I thought it best to throw it away. Perhaps in future, to remind me that it's there, I should keep it in the milk jug.